Micro Filter Changer (MFC)

Two camera modes(RGB & IR) in one camera module with auto filter changer

Selfie Mode

IRIS Scan Mode

Single camera module may simultaneously switch between RGB camera mode and IR scan mode(Iris Recognition) according to application in use, and this MFC can be applied to any type of camera module with simple coupling method

Auto Focus Actuator (Ball Type)

Ball type closed-loop Auto Focus Actuator

Prompt position feedback with fast positioning of lens minimal hysteresis (~1um)

Minimal magnetic interference with 1 magnet design, optimized for Dual-Camera configuration

Mechanical Auto IRIS

Ultra-small mechanical auto IRIS module for smartphone camera


For Mobile

IRIS module Driving Image

Mechanical IRIS allows system to take adjustable amount of light coming into sensor

Various depths Images

Reliable motion Tracking

Various Bokeh Images

Mechanical Shutter

Ultra-small and very thin mechanical Shutter module for mobile camera


For Mobile

Shutter module Driving Image

Mechanical Shutter module to adjust exposure time

Other Products

Security Camera Module More precisely and Faster reaction speed

IR Changer